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Pet Details

If the Pet is not named then enter the name of the person who is receiving of the Pet.

For pricing purposes we calculate the age of the pet at the time of delivery and not at the booking date.

The pet must be vaccinated and proof of this will be required for the pet to be transported.

Person Sending Pet

Person Receiving Pet

Travel Details

We will endeavour to have our pick up and drop off locations in easily accessible towns.

Please note this is not a door-to-door delivery service.


You can view our upcoming trips on the Planned Trips page.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form the contract between "you the client" and Express Pet Transport NZ Limited.

Whereas the utmost care and respect will be given to the client’s pets, each pet will be handled with the understanding that Express Pet Transport NZ Limited, will at no time to be held responsible for illness, accident, impairment, loss, or death due to any cause either naturally or accidentally.

Any prior health conditions and/or medications for your pet must be disclosed prior to booking with Express Pet Transport NZ Limited. This may affect your pet’s ability to travel.

Should your pet require veterinary attention for any reason whilst in the care of Express Pet Transport NZ Limited, the costs will be at the expense of the client.

Pet Insurance is not covered by Express Pet Transport NZ Limited this can be taken out directly by the client with their chosen insurance provider or we can recommend a service to you.

All pets are required to be fully vaccinated before traveling with the exception of puppies and kittens which require their first vaccination. Proof is required before departure.

Express Pet Transport NZ Limited cannot be held responsible for unexpected delays due to roading issues, Additional costs for boarding and/or vet work may apply should unforeseen delays occur.

Full payment is required prior to departure, this can be paid in cash or via Online banking to Express Pet Transport NZ Limited nominated bank account.

In the event of a complete cancellation, Express Pet Transport NZ Limited reserves the right to refund all or part payment after deduction of costs already incurred.

Express Pet Transport NZ Limited will not transport or kennel vicious dogs or banned/restricted breeds.

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